Concert life

A while back I mentioned that I was planning on attending the Carnival Of Madness, and that I’d be posting about it.
Well, this that time.


I had bought the tickets a month in advance for myself and a co-worker, Tessa, who is also a good friend of mine. We were excited about it and looking forward to taking the day off work to go see the bands.

On the day of the show we left at around 11am and made the hour and a half drive up to Denver. Once there, we stopped at a restaurant called Casa Bonita – otherwise known as the Disneyland of Mexican restaurants.



And after we ate and enjoyed all there was to do at the restaurant (including cliff diving shows, an arcade, the gift shop, and a little thrill trip called Black Bart’s Hideout), we went on our way up to the Red Rocks Amphitheater!





The actual venue is carved into the natural rocks, and there are DOZENS of stairs to get up to the stage, and even more to get to your seats.



The first thing we did before finding our spots was go to the merch tent!!





And we matched!!!



There were 5 bands there total, and they were: We As Humans (whom I’ve never heard of before, but they were pretty good), In This Moment (which was the whole reason I wanted to go), Papa Roach, Skillet, and Shinedown. They were all extremely amazing and it was a great concert 🙂

Since my phone was low on battery, I only had enough juice to get some shots and videos of ITM.






I wish I had gotten better pictures, but since I used my iPhone for the pictures, and with our seats being so far away, that makes for bad quality shots.
Shinedown was absolutely amazing and I regret not getting any pictures of them. I have a new found love for that band, no doubt about it.
And halfway through the shows, it started pouring rain. It would stop every now and then and sprinkle here and there, but for the better half of the show we were being rained on. That’s what you can expect with an outdoor venue, though!!
During all of Shinedown’s set we were rained on, an it was a pretty steady downpour – needless to say we were absolutely soaked to the bone. After the show, once we made it to the car, it took quite some time to dry off and warm up. And the rain only worsened from there.

Before heading back to the Springs we stopped at Arby’s and got something to eat, and then started our long journey back home. We were both exhausted and our throats were sore from the amount of screaming we had been doing that day. Tessa fell asleep on the way home and I remember wishing I could do the same. But we got back home after a while – maybe around 1am – and I dropped her off at her place and then went home myself.

It was an amazing show and a night I’ll never forget 🙂 the only downside is that Tessa and I both got nasty chest and head colds from being out in the rain… I’m still coughing and sniffling, and it’s been a good 3 weeks since the show! But that’s the price you pay, I guess.

But I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.


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